Handy iPhone Apps

Total Dialer

Free T9 DialPad for Speed Dial. Speed Dialer | Delete Contacts | Group Messaging | Address Book Expert.

Handy Banner

Free Text & Emoji LED Banner. An iOS app that can turn your iPhone to a handy LED screen using for displaying text message or emoji.

Pocket Tools

Handy tools for iPhone. | Flashlight | QR Code Reader | Contacts Cleaner | Mirror | Phone Battery Percentage Checker.

Fun iPhone Games


Bricksis is a free and addictive puzzle color dots game. A nice brain trainer for boys and girls. Boost your brain power with the puzzle dots game now!

Words Vive

Words Vive is a free and addictive word finding game. 350 Word Search Puzzles | 2200+ SAT Words | 200+ Sight Words | 750 Junior Words.

Susan Candy

Brand-new match-3 experience in Susan Candy! Free and addictive match 3 puzzle game for girls. A perfect way to casually spend a spare few moments.